Medical information detection
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Medical information detection uses all kinds of Biomedical Sensors to convert biomedical quantity into easily measured electronic or light signal. It is the connector of organism and electronic system and alsothe perfect combination of biomedical science and information technology.



Photoelectric blood oxygen saturation measuring system(Technical Fund of SJTU):

This project measured the blood oxygenation content by using photoelectric detection technology and measuring the transmittance of blood with different oxygen content. It wascompleted at the end of 2011. Project participants: Franco Walfre, Joel Jimenezlozano,Tao Wei.


Researching projects:

Noninvasive blood sugar detection based on optoacousticmethod(Medical Fund of SJTU):

This subject measures the concentration of glucose solution by using optoacoustic method, obtaines good experimental result and then can develop in vivo human blood glucose detection research. Finally, continuous noninvasive blood glucose detection instrument can be formed. Project participants:ZhaoHui, GaoLili, ZhaoSiwei, ZhouQian, WeiJiasi.

Online detection of cell metabolic parameters (Medical Fund of SJTU):

This subject achieves online detect of the parameterwhich is formed in the cell metabolism, such as pH, dissolved oxygen by using the Nano optical fiber technology.. It can provide us the scientific instrument methods for clarifing the cell metabolism and explaining the disease. Project participants: Wei Tao, Yanli Hu, Zemin Liu.

PET and MRI Image Fusion Technology and its clinical application research (Medical Fund of SJTU)

This subject will research the PET and MRI Image Fusion Technology, which can make fusion image reflect the information of all kinds of morphological structure and function of human body more roundly. Also, it can improve the efficiency of the doctor's diagnosis and enhance the effect of clinical diagnosis. Project Executive: Manhua Liu, Xiaoduan Wang.

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