Intelligent medical devices
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Intelligent medical devices integrate the sensor detection technology, artificial intelligence and communication technology into traditional medical devices and then form the new type medical devices with high intelligence, high reliability and high additional value.



Navigation type pre-drilled implement (2011.12)

The project is a science and technology research for Shanghai science committee and technology. It uses miniature eddy current probe placed in the front end of the drill implement of spinal surgery, and can automatically identify the change of organizational characteristics. Then it can support the surgery doctors with direction navigation. It was completed at the end of 2011. Project participants: Zhao Hui, Liu Weiwen, Wang Chenglong.


Researching project:

The skin organization replication system with intelligent perception function (the Third People’s hospital)

We increase the force feedback and self-adaption control system in the original skin-taking machine (miniature skin-spine replication system). And then it can ensure the skin-taking successfully completed and avoid risk by using the force signal formed in the progress of piercing skin to control skin-taking component.

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